Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FAQs: Caring for your American Shapewear products.

How To Care For Your Shapewear: Washing

The bras, girdles, shapers, panties, and other shapewear cannot be put through a washing machine cycle like your regular clothing. To prolong the life of your American Shapewear, hand wash your items with a gentle detergent. If it is impossible for you to care for your garments this way, place your items in a 'lingerie bag' and wash them on a gentle/delicates cycle. Bleach is not recommended, as the products may be damaged in the process.

How To Care For Your Shapewear: Drying

The undergarments, bras, girdles, and shapewear are made with a variety of fibers as well as lycra and nylon. Lycra is what gives products that "stretch". Unfortunately, it is heavily recommended that you NOT use a clothing dryer when caring for any of your lingerie products. This includes both wet and dry heat and goes for all undergarments purchased through our line. Heat will degrade and ruin the stretch and give of these products. It is best to lay American Shapewear products out flat to dry on a drying rack or other porous surface.

How To Care For Your Shapewear: Storing

Like any delicate article of clothing, girdles, bras, panties, and shapers should not be bunched up or balled when storing in your dresser drawer. Suggestions would include laying the products flat on the bottom of the drawer, or placing them on hangers in your closet. Temperature should also be taken into consideration -- Never store your garments in hot or humid rooms or extremely cold areas of the home. To prolong the life of your products, it is best to store them in temperatures that you would deem comfortable yourself.

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