Monday, September 19, 2011

Waist Cinchers

The waist cincher has been used to get the small-waisted look that has been sought after since the Victorian ages. They used to be designed in such a way that was so extreme, it would restrict a woman to the point of passing out. Times have changed things (thank god!) and the art of waist cinching has become humane and worlds more comfortable. Rather than hard, constricting material that won't even let you breath, they're now elastic, smooth and work with your figure rather than against it. Read about how this accessory has evolved and how it's used to enhance your curves on This Article from How to Measure Waist!

"The fashion world wants thin. Sleek, smart and again, thin. To the point that women would go to drastic extents to make it happen the way they like it. One of the rather drastic measures has to be the Waist Cincher. Also known as the Waspie, the reason why this piece of garment is being painfully called a drastic measure is because early days have seen women fainting in the grasp of this corset of sorts. The medieval age saw women slowly gravitating towards the look to appeal to the royal eyes in a fashion that lead to most women tightening the strings behind till their eyes popped out and they fainted. This belt worn around the waist makes it physically smaller if not giving the illusion of being so."

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