Friday, February 24, 2012

Instilling Positive Self-Talk

Training yourself to cleanse your mind of negativity and self-criticism empowers you and brightens your life completely. Focusing on disaster and hateful thoughts subjects you a painful life of suffering and disappointment.
Put yourself in control. Welcome love and opportunities by surrounding yourself with it and rewiring your mind to expect and seek it. Rewire your thoughts to accept a beautiful life. The Simply Luxurious Life has 5 steps to instilling positivity into your mind.

"Our past experiences as children, young adults and even in our past as adults wire our minds to expect certain outcomes when particular or similar events occur. Pure and simple, we are trying to put ourselves in control of the situation, and based on past experiences, we are assuming the outcome will be what it was last time. Knowing this information can provide calm and peace of mind if the expectation is positive, but when the hard wiring is based on a negative experience, it can taint future experiences that have no intention of following the same path.

Such negative experiences may have occurred when we were in school – being teased or bullied by fellow students or a teacher who appeared to not be willing to listen or help, or at home with a parent, relative or sibling who was unsupportive, insulting or ridiculing, or perhaps in relationships where infidelity or disrespectful behavior took place. Whatever the negative experience was, it most likely has a triggering effect on your self-talk when similar situations arise, and it is important to recognize this, so that you may change it, thus improving the quality of your life as a whole.

Below are steps on how to permanently rewire your self-talk so that it is positive and reaffirming that a fulfilling and beautiful life is attainable."

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