Friday, June 8, 2012

Swimsuit Confidence

Plus-size blogger Gabi Fresh has enough confidence to suit a big and beautiful woman like herself. She has a strong personality, and curvy body worth flaunting, and a fantastic sense of what looks great on her! After flaunting her body in nothing but a bikini, Gabi encourages other women to do the same and contribute to her gallery of confidence women of all shapes and sizes, showing off their gorgeous beach bodies.

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"Popular plus size blogger Gabi Fresh posted photos of herself in a bikini from her recent vacation in Vegas and the feedback on her blog was so great she was inspired to pitch a idea to XOJane to keep the body positivity going. The idea was to create a gallery of women, all shapes and sizes, in bikinis: THE XOJANE AND GABI FRESH FATKINI GALLERY: 31 HOT SEXY FAT GIRLS IN SKIMPY SWIMWEARThis morning Gabi appeared on the Today Show to talk about the fatkini gallery and about how the type of clothing you wear shouldn’t be restricted because of the size of your body."

Watch her interview here!

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