Thursday, July 25, 2013

High-Waist Knickers

High-waist fashion is back in style, but some still consider high-waist undies "granny panties". If you're a fan of the look, you could probably identify with Gertie's blog post "In Defense of Granny Panties". She lists what she loves most about high-waist knickers! Would you add anything?

Photography by Frannie and Foe

"1. You'll get a smooth line. If you're looking for an hourglass figure, you can't do much better than a longline bra with some high-waisted undergarment on bottom. You don't want a strip of exposed flesh between your bra and your knickers, ruining your nice shapely curves, do you? Goodness no!
2. They work beautifully with retro and vintage clothes, like high-waisted trousers and skirts. And we all know how important the foundation garment is to the ensemble.
3. Tummy control. Nothing's better than a high-waisted undergarment for a smooth midsection. 
4. No muffin top.  They end where your waist is!
5. They're not as frumpy as you think. In my advice, I'd say ditch the nylon varieties, which can be weirdly baggy in all the wrong places. Get a nice microfiber, like these. (Love the pink color!) For more shaping, go with a classic Rago Lacette.
6. Bettie Page. Enough said."

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