Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shapewear Survey on Lingerie Briefs

John Festa conducted a survey to learn about how women wear and think about shapewear. Read his in-depth discussion on the Lingerie Briefs post, Shapewear is meant to "Create A Shape".
"Recently, I conducted an unscientific survey on women’s thoughts on shapewear; just a bunch of questions on the topic. I was happily surprised by the quantity and quality of the responses. It was spectacularly enlightening and actually very entertaining. Some of you broads are funny!  (Can I say that?)  My sincere gratitude to all respondents for their time, their forthcoming and for sharing intimate information. Shapewear is a wonderful tool to facilitate a polished, confident look. As with any other tool, knowing how to use it is key. It is my deep desire that something in this post will be enlightening and add a bit of light to your life.
First the results. Fantastically interesting. And the survey says:" - John Festa 

When and why do you wear shapewear and what sorts of complaints do you have about them?

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