Tuesday, August 6, 2013

High Waist Undies

Are you a fan of ‪‎high-waist‬ ‎fashion‬? This ‎retro‬ trend is back in style, and Linda the Bra Lady shares what there is to love about it! If you're a fan, what is it that you love about high-waist knickers?

"If you don’t know yet: the retro trend is 'in'. I love this throw back to another era. But what’s surprised me is the high waist bottoms! I thought gingham prints and retro bandeau tops would be enough, but I was shocked by the popularity of the high waist bottoms. Who knew? It seems you either love or hate the high waist trend. So what do you think? Is wearing a high waist swimsuit bottom or panty hot, or not? Take a look at some of the styles below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!" - Linda The Bra Lady
Read more: http://blog.lindasonline.com/2013/06/07/high-waist-bottoms-hot-or-not/ 

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  1. I just purchased the high-waist lattice bathing suit from Victoria's Secret, and when I showed it to my fiance, he loved it! I felt super comfortable and skinny, and he thought it showed off my shape. I think a lot of other styles can hit your waist at the wrong place causing your love handles to hang over or get exaggerated, so the high waist allows a woman to feel really great about how she looks :)