Monday, August 25, 2014

Rago Shapewear in Leopard Print!

We now carry Rago Shapewear garments in leopard print!
See what's new in the American Shapewear store below.

Panty Brief in Leopard Print, available from sizes S/26 to 2X/34.
RAGO Style 919 - Panty Brief Light Shaping 
Garter Belt in Leopard Print, available from sizes S/26 to 2X/34.
RAGO Style 3184 - Six Strap Soft Shaping Garter Belt
Girdle in Leopard Print, available from sizes S/26 to 2X/34.
RAGO Style 821 - Firm Shaping Girdle

This girdle also comes in two new colorways.

Available in...
Red/Black & Pink/Black
Sizes M/28 to 2X/34

RAGO Style 1294 - Open Bottom Girdle Extra Firm Shaping

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Orchard Corset: Dye Secrets

Dye your white shapewear into any color you want with Orchard Corset's guide for obtaining a perfectly smooth color! Their dye services have been discontinued, so they kindly revealed their secrets to us all.

If you found the perfect piece of shapewear in our store but wish it came in another color, get it in white and read this guide!

To Dye For: Orchard Corset’s Trade Dye Secrets REVEALED!
"We are sad to announce that we have eliminated our custom dye service. But don’t despair! We are sharing our highly coveted dye secrets! Now you will be able to choose any color you want for your garter belt, garter extensions, Rago... (or really any garment without steel boning made from polyester or nylon)."
- Cheri Dudek

Monday, August 11, 2014

Esme and the Laneway: Rago Review

Esme and the Laneway is a chic London girl living in Australia. She's shares her impeccable taste in classic vintage styles on her fashion blog. We spotted her review of two Rago Shapewear waist cinchers on it!

"Both are lovely, soft, and comfortable, and I was chuffed after hearing so many good things about Rago shapewear to have some of my own."
- Esme
Both waist cinchers are available in our store.
Rago Luxury Satin and Lace Corset Medium Shaping - CLEARANCE!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Nylon Swish: New to Shapewear?

If you're new to shapewear or vintage lingerie, Elinor has some advice for you! She answers many of the questions you might have about finding the perfect pieces for your desired silhouette. Whether you want to know about one-pieces, bullet bras, corsets, stockings, or something else, she has it covered on her blog, The Nylon Swish.

I’m new to shapewear, help!
"I am well aware that getting into the world of vintage inspired lingerie can be very daunting and that there is a lot to take in;  why would I choose a padded bullet bra over one without padding? Should I buy a long or short girdle? What does ‘firm control’ mean?? Gahhhh!! I give up it’s too scary! Yes I have been there too and it’s no fun. So, this post is designed to answer some of those tricky questions..."
- Elinor 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Vintage Addict Diary: Rago Review

Natalie wore a Rago 6207 high waist long leg shaper to slip into a tight wiggle dress! She shared her thoughts about it on her vintage fashion blog, Vintage Addict Diary.

Thank you so much for wearing and reviewing Rago, Natalie!

"I took my measurements before and after, and this garment took 1 inch off both my waist and hips, and well as overall smoothing and some lifting of the derriere! Well they looked great, but I’d been through this before – would they stand the wearing test?? The answer is, yes!" 
- Natalie