Monday, September 26, 2011

Dresses for the Petite and Curvy

For women who lack height but have plenty of curves, finding a dress that fits right can be tough. Find out what to watch out for to find a dress that flatters your figure with AshleyD on The Budget Fashionista!

The Best Dresses For Petite Plus Size Women
"You’ve got a lot of curves, but not so much height, so shopping for a dress can seem like a daunting task. Petite clothes are geared toward women with slimmer figures, but standard plus size clothes are too long, so it’s not as simple as just shopping in a certain section of the store. Here are some tips for finding the right dress for you..."
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Waist Cinchers

The waist cincher has been used to get the small-waisted look that has been sought after since the Victorian ages. They used to be designed in such a way that was so extreme, it would restrict a woman to the point of passing out. Times have changed things (thank god!) and the art of waist cinching has become humane and worlds more comfortable. Rather than hard, constricting material that won't even let you breath, they're now elastic, smooth and work with your figure rather than against it. Read about how this accessory has evolved and how it's used to enhance your curves on This Article from How to Measure Waist!

"The fashion world wants thin. Sleek, smart and again, thin. To the point that women would go to drastic extents to make it happen the way they like it. One of the rather drastic measures has to be the Waist Cincher. Also known as the Waspie, the reason why this piece of garment is being painfully called a drastic measure is because early days have seen women fainting in the grasp of this corset of sorts. The medieval age saw women slowly gravitating towards the look to appeal to the royal eyes in a fashion that lead to most women tightening the strings behind till their eyes popped out and they fainted. This belt worn around the waist makes it physically smaller if not giving the illusion of being so."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Be on Top of the Fashion Trends for Autumn 2011!

Summer 2011 is dwindling down to its final days. It's time to say goodbye to your cute swimsuits, breezy blouses, and summer dresses of the year and find some fun new chic clothing for the upcoming season. Now's your chance to rediscover your favorite sweaters and adornments from last year with a fresh new fashion sense and bring them back to the vogue! With new seasons comes new trends, and if you're at all in touch with the fashionista in you, you'd be interested in the strategy for staying in style this autumn.

Sarah Mower gives the lowdown on the hot colors and styles to keep in mind when dressing and accessorizing this autumn on
"Hands up who feels like splurging on a new autumn wardrobe? I thought not. Few things are less becoming to a fashion journalist than exhorting people to buy things at the best of times, but in a week when we're staring into another financial abyss - or sticking our heads in the sand of whatever beach we happen to be on - I'm going to risk my neck and talk about how clothes might play a part in making the next few months feel more bearable. Note that I didn't say 'buying clothes'."

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