Friday, June 15, 2012

Women's Figures Are Changing

Women's body shapes have been changing over time. Are designers changing the body type their clothes are made for? See how women's bodies have changed in the past 50 years.

Read about it on The Independent here:

"The fashion industry is ignoring the changing shapes of women's bodies, a study claims today. Designers and manufacturers still insist on making clothes that fit the traditional hourglass figure, when women's shapes are more likely to be top-heavy, rectangular or pear-shaped.The research found that although only 8 per cent of women now had the sort of hourglass figure flaunted by curvaceous 1950s film stars such as Sophia Loren, designers and manufacturers continued to make clothes to fit a slim-line version of that figure.Of the 6,000 women's body shapes analysed, 46 per cent were described as rectangular, with the waist less than nine inches smaller than the hips or bust. Just over 20 per cent of women were bottom-heavy "spoons", or pear shapes, with hips two inches larger than busts or more, while almost 14 per cent were "inverted triangles" - women whose busts were three or more inches bigger than their hips..."

Friday, June 8, 2012

Swimsuit Confidence

Plus-size blogger Gabi Fresh has enough confidence to suit a big and beautiful woman like herself. She has a strong personality, and curvy body worth flaunting, and a fantastic sense of what looks great on her! After flaunting her body in nothing but a bikini, Gabi encourages other women to do the same and contribute to her gallery of confidence women of all shapes and sizes, showing off their gorgeous beach bodies.

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"Popular plus size blogger Gabi Fresh posted photos of herself in a bikini from her recent vacation in Vegas and the feedback on her blog was so great she was inspired to pitch a idea to XOJane to keep the body positivity going. The idea was to create a gallery of women, all shapes and sizes, in bikinis: THE XOJANE AND GABI FRESH FATKINI GALLERY: 31 HOT SEXY FAT GIRLS IN SKIMPY SWIMWEARThis morning Gabi appeared on the Today Show to talk about the fatkini gallery and about how the type of clothing you wear shouldn’t be restricted because of the size of your body."

Watch her interview here!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Love Your Curves!

It can't be stressed enough how important it is to love your body. Take care of yourself, adorn your body with pride, know you look beautiful and strut your stuff!
With messages left and right telling women they need to change, it's difficult to ignore it all and just know that you're fabulous as you are. When you come to understand that and love yourself, it becomes much easier to nurture your mind and health to improve yourself rather than "fix" yourself.

The famously curvaceous Christina Hendricks has a body type that goes against the new beauty ideal, but the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous is undeniable. She feels the pressure every woman does, and this is what she had to say:
"Sure, I'd be happier with 10 pounds off -- wouldn't every woman? But when I looked at pictures of myself at the Emmys, I thought I looked beautiful. I didn't tear myself apart."

And that's just what every woman should do. There may be a few things you want to change, but that doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. You are. Own it. also provides some tips on how to keep a voluptuous body in tip-top shape here: