Friday, March 15, 2013

Pinup Up Persuasion reviews style 6201 leg shaper

The wonderful Jessica Maloche did another review of a Rago product in her blog Pin Up Persuasion! This time, she tried on leg shaper style 6201. See what she had to say.
Also, here's our personal favorite quote from her post. :)
"If you have been reading Pin Up Persuasion over the last year, you will know how much love I have for Rago shapewear. Hands down, there is no other vintage inspired shapewear that not only looks sexy but possesses magical shaping powers while not compromising comfort." - Jessica Maloche on Pin Up Persuasion

Her blog:
Style 6201:

Friday, March 1, 2013

Girdle Newbies

Never wore a girdle before? If you're curious about it, this blogger covers the basics of what you need to know!

"So you want to wear a girdle?
Then you may want to read this post. There is no doubt that a proper foundation do a lot for the way clothes hang and vintage clothes are made for women who wore that. If you look at these two pictures, it’s the same dress (albeit the second one has added sleeves) and the same me in a dress after a 1950’s pattern. In the first picture I wear modern shapewear, in the second a corset and a fuller petticoat, but the same bra and body weight. I think you will agree with me that the fit is a lot better in the second one..."
Read more on the Fashionable Forties blog!