Friday, July 20, 2012

Rago's Recommended by The Lingerie Addict

The Lingerie Addict has created a list of recommendations for women who are brand new to the world of lingerie! Guess who made first on the list?
Thank you so much for the mention, Treacle!

The Lingerie Addict is the world's leading lingerie blog. It's fun, intelligent, and very informative. All of your questions regarding lingerie have been answered on

Read her recommendations here:

Tea, via Girdlebound

"Making lingerie accessible to the everyday woman is what drives TLA,, but sometimes I forget just how much “stuff” I’ve learned in the last four years. Knowledge I take for granted now would have been completely foreign to me even a year and a half ago. Yet The Lingerie Addict gets dozens of new readers everyday, and judging from the questions I get in my inbox,  there are still hundreds (if not thousands of women) who have just started their lingerie journey.
Looking back, one of hardest things for me when I first became interested in lingerie was knowing where to spend my money. There are so many lingerie boutiques and and so many brands (way more than when I started blogging) that just knowing where to start without resorting to expensive trial and error is overwhelming. And I wish I’d had someone to help sort everything and at least give me a place to start shopping.
So this blog post is all about sharing a few of those discoveries I wish I’d made earlier with you. These are my lingerie drawer staples, the brands I buy with my own money all the time. And whether you’re new to lingerie or an ‘old hand’ at it, I hope this list of 7 pieces (in no particular order) helps you when you’re shopping."

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Vintage Doll

There's nothing more satisfying than the love of a happy customer.
Pin Up model, The Vintage Doll, expressed her love for her newfound perfect brand of shapewear: Rago!

Check out her review.

"For a pin-up model, it is important to have a great line of shapewear with you at all times.
It’s like our red lipstick; we always have to have a tube somewhere. Without these items, we feel naked.
The problems with shapewear that we tend to come across are: stiffness, to coarse of fabric, not enough support, or just plain lack of sexiness. As a pinup, and just women in general, even if it is under our clothes we want it to be beautiful and sexy; it makes us feel confident.
I recently came across the shapewear line “Rago” and let me tell you, it truly is a shape wear line all women can love. I not only wore it shooting my recent spread for Lash & Ink but I also wore it under my dress at a wedding, and while out dancing all night long. It looked beautiful in my photos, slimmed and held everything in under my dress for the wedding. It was comfortable and sturdy enough to hold me in and keep up my stockings while I jived all night long (without any uncomfortable pinching, rubbing, or the garter clip unhooking).
I am a very petite woman, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use the perfect lines and smoothness that shapewear provides. I am also a mom, so there are always little areas that I would prefer to be smoother and supported while wearing a slim fitted garment. Rago provides a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes for every woman with every need; in addition to the support and smoothness under one’s dress.
So whether you are a pin-up girl, a business woman, or just need a little something sassy for later, Rago shapewear has you covered.
The Vintage Doll"