Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your Smooth, Stunning, Sexy Summer Special Memorial Day Sale: 10% off!

Hey shapewear friends, American Shapewear is running a Memorial Day weekend sale, check it out!

Your Smooth, Stunning, Sexy Summer

Special Memorial Day Sale: 10% off!


Look wonderful and be confident in all your office, party, and casual clothes this summer – 10% off Memorial day weekend!

Our support lingerie is made in the USA and is specially designed to provide additional support and shaping underneath your clothes – giving you lift and tone where you need it most.

American Shapewear featuring products by Rago helps women appear up to two sizes smaller.

Your perfect appearance at picnics, parties, or intimate encounters is built on a foundation of gorgeous, well–made undergarments.

We offer modern, beautifully–made support lingerie with sex appeal: high quality, comfortable foundation garments that diminish any negatives and accent your best features.

Best wishes for a hot hot HOT summer from all of us at American Shapewear!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Choosing Undergarments For Your Wedding

Your wedding dress should fit you perfectly, making you look dazzling without sacrificing comfort. Weddings are active events for a bride, including dancing and plenty of social interactions. Considering the fact that you’ll be doing a fair amount of moving, your dress should be snug and easy to maneuver in throughout the entire ceremony. For comfort and appearance, what you wear under your dress could be just as important as the dress itself. To ensure that the dress fits as it should, a bride has about three dress fittings on average, making alterations to the dress as they’re needed. Since your undergarments have a significant effect on how your dress will fit you, it’s important to decide on what you’re going to wear underneath your dress soon after you’ve chosen it and to and bring them with you to each of your dress fittings. When choosing your undergarments, keep the design of your dress in mind. You want to be sure that the straps won’t show and that the design of the bra agrees with your dress and skin. Wearing underwear that’s visible through your dress could look sloppy, taking away from your impact and elegance.

Since your choice in undergarments has a tremendous bearing on how your dress fits you, it should support your figure in a way that makes you both look and feel incredible. Shapewear and body slimmers are commonly worn underneath wedding dresses because of their ability accentuate your curves and smooth out your shape without discomfort. Any problematic areas that your dress may cling to could be supported by your shapewear, ensuring that it stays firm and under control throughout the day. There is shapewear designed for all sorts of body types, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find something that fulfills your purpose for wearing it. Browse the various types available and select based on your preference, body type, dress color (it should match), and what you’re aiming to do with your figure. Be sure to wear your shapewear in the correct size! If you’re feeling vexed by the discomfort of constraining undergarments, it’ll show in your demeanor and expression. It’s crucial that you feel as good as you look for your wedding, so wear the right size so it fits comfortably and is adequately supportive.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shapewear advantages

Here's a great article on the benefits of shapewear for all body types:

Advantages of Body Wrap Shapewear

Body wrap shapewear is a great means to make your body seem toned and slim without the need of shedding weight. The body wrap shapewear brands are becoming very popular these days because they provide the bulky women with the convenient and easy solution to looking sleeker and attractive. Because they cause tightness to the whole body, they are not only suitable for bulkier women but also work great for slimmer women. Wearing body wrap shapewear underneath plus size exercise clothing gives firmness to your body which makes all outfits look beautiful on you, giving that boosted up self assurance that you have been searching for.

Types Of Body Wrap Shapewear:

There are a lot of varieties available in the market these days, varying in sizes, designs and colors. The most popular colors are blacks, whites and skin tones. With these available varieties you can match the color of body wrap shapewear to the color of your outfit. The right type of body wrap shapewear is the one that is suitable for your body requirements. You need to be aware of your problematic areas before you purchase your body wrap shapewear.

Comfort Factor:

Often there is a misconception about body wrap shapewear that wearing it means compromising with your comfort and it might be a trade off between ease and looking attractive. But truly, this is not the case. The materials used in making the body wrap shapewear are extremely comfortable and shear. Usually people cannot even tell if you are wearing body wrap shapewear underneath your outfit or plus size running suit. Materials like Spandex, Nylon and Lycra are used which are extremely stretchable thus they do not hinder any blood circulation.

Benefits Earned:

When you invest in body wrap shapewear, be sure that your money is being well spent. The wrap covers up excess amounts of useless fat and body edges, making you look leaner and prettier. Some of the body wrap shapewear provide full body support helping the backbone in keeping straight. Others are great in enhancing figure and provide complete bra coverage.

Women who have muffin tops and are anxious cause of them, can easily hide them by using body wrap shapewear. If you wear body wrap shapewear regularly, your body starts to attune itself according to that shape. This results in attaining slender figure and you can put on the once dreaded skimpy outfits. It also helps in hiding thigh ripples and cellulite giving you all the needed self confidence by enhancing your self image.

Women have given great body wrap shapewear reviews after they have used them for a considerable time period. Thus giving all the more assurance about the tremendous benefits of wearing body wrap shapewear.