Thursday, May 17, 2012

Must Be Blond

The story of a woman who was told to change herself in the name of beauty and her reaction to it. Read it on Lingerie Briefs.

That was all good training for Hollywood, where you are never good enough.  I was told if I wanted to be a star, I had to dye my hair blonde, have larger breasts, become interested in networking, which I hated and still hate.  When my very powerful agent told me that all heroines and leading ladies are blonde and busty, I said, “Really? Tell that to Betty Davis and Kate Hepburn”.   “Well,” he shot back, “THEY weren’t sexy.”  Check mate.  Silly me, I thought they were. Not one, even at 21 to be easily swayed, I resisted the advice, not that I wasn’t tempted to take it.  I guess I thought I was okay, until 12 years later when I left the business knowing that if I stayed, I would become one of the insecure, desperate and depressed actresses that I met every day in Hollywood.  Now instead of being famous for being a skinny starlet, I help the skinny starlets get their time in the spotlight.  I help the bride feel like a princess on her special day.  I help prom girls feel the most gorgeous they have ever felt as a young woman; Not a bad thing, even though critics would say I am perpetuating their insecurity by having them believe that they need shapewear.

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